Alex Salmond take 2

I was booked for a job filming Alex Salmond this week. It happens to be one year exactly since I met with him at Holyrood to talk about The Gallus Games.

After he had finished the interview, we were standing around and  I said  “actually we have met before ..”  he remembered, but I thought I would help him out with the detail:

” I came to see you about my project The Gallus Games..” He said that he had found the project interesting and asked how it had gone. I told him that it had gone well and he said that he had thought it would be popular.  Then I told him that I was taking the Acknowledgment Booth part of the project into GP surgeries, so that doctors could give medals to their patients. He looked thoughtful and said ” You have my card, please send me some more information”.

I had some Booth forms and medals with me (I had awarded Mr Salmond a prototype medal at our last meeting) so I made a quick note and gave them to his assistant – I thought I would strike while the iron is hot.. he has quite a lot on his plate this week.!

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