The Dream Team



It is the work of The Gallus Games to explore and celebrate the distinctive talents of the people of Scotland… and most of all to have some Fun!

The Gallus Games poses a simple, but rarely asked question;

……………………… What do you deserve a medal for? ………………………

In a world that concentrates on fixing what is Wrong; taking part in The Gallus Games is a radical act, a seriously fun enquiry into what each person contributes to the world (great or small) and an acknowledgement of that contribution.

This project is what I contribute.. I have learned a million new things since I started it in 2009 and have taken on challenges that I never imagined at the beginning. I have been called to be inventive and entrepreneurial and have had the great job of looking for fun. Whenever I have been stuck or about to give up I have asked myself – What would a really Gallus Leader do now?

Watch this space…..

Kathleen Friend – Creator and Leader of The Gallus Games



Over the last three years I have spoken to many people who have contributed ideas and encouraged me in this project, taxi drivers, children, artists, plumbers, people at bus stops. I have paid some people to help me, and others have worked for nothing.

There are a few people who have really been inspired help make this happen, they have consistently phoned or emailed me with ideas, sent me links and kept their eyes open for Gallus-ness.

They are the ‘Gallus Dream Team’ in the sense that they have taken on dreaming this project up. The are not rich, famous, or politically influential – and this project would not be in existence without their Gallus input.

Richard East – Architect and Activist – City Design Coop

Liz Gardiner – Cultural Planner and Artist – Fablevision

Lorna Hutcheon – Writer and Artist

Susan Pettie – Creative Thinker – Prophet Scotland

Rachel Diamond – Events and Community Networking

Euan Cameron – Entrepreneur

Anna Gower – Enthusiast


The Gallus Games is a project by Holdyourbreath Ltd, a social enterprise and Company Limited by Guarantee.

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