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So what does Gallus mean?

Colloquial – In Glasgow this is a general term of approval for anything considered excellent. “Gallus waistcoat, wee man!”  When applied to people its more about attitude and includes elements of toughness, cheek, self-assurance and boldness.

gallus  – adjective;   Bold; daring; reckless.  Fit to be hanged; wicked; mischievous (from the Gallows). ’Twas murmur we did for a gallus potion would rouse a friar. — James Joyce, Ulysses

gallus – noun A cock, or rooster.




Gallus Gallus is the latin name for the Red Junglefowl, a tropical member of the pheasant family and forefather of the domestic chicken. This bird certainly demonstrates some of the traits above.






Roman Emperor Gallus  (Trebonianus Gallus ) ruled from 251 to 253 with his son Volusianus. He was famous for his official image, military haircut, gladiatorial physique and intimidating stance. This Bronze of Gallus dates from his time as Roman Emperor, it is the only surviving full-size Roman bronze from the 3rd century. It can be seen in the Metropolitan Museum of Art. By all accounts this man was a snappy dresser, bold and tough.


gallus shop front







     A Gallus Shop name…

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