Gallus Masalamix 2

I was at the Muslim Elderly Day Care Centre today which is based at the Central Mosque. Initially the men had trouble remembering the rules of their childhood games, but once they had stones and marbles in their hands, the memories came back. It was great to see the smiles on their faces as they remembered things they hadn’t thought of for many years.









At the end one gentleman asked me ” Where did you get your marbles from? ” I said that I had borrowed them from my husband, who was obviously quite a good player as it is a fine collection. “Is your husband Indian? ” he asked, surprised. No, I said.. they played marbles in Scotland too… ” Really!”… The thought had not occurred to him. The special flicking technique is pure Indian I expect… I will be asking the Scottish men how they play.



Ada-kada-ada-kada.. from the Punjab.

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