Police medal winners

The Acknowledgment Booth is on tour at Govan Police Station, I will be visiting all 5 shifts and asking officers what they deserve a medal for?

Of the 12 who took part in this shift – 10 nominated their colleagues and 2 nominated their spouse.

Some of the comments so far:

“The qualities I believe I have are the one’s I look for in others” ” Is this a test? All these qualities seem to be police qualities” ” I enjoyed the distraction” “My wife and I are very different in many ways, but we do have the same core qualities” “Made me appreciate Big Bruce more” (a colleague). “Many different people in the force with lots of similar, yet special qualities” Having nominated himself for being good at ‘hugs’ one officer proceeded to demonstrate this on his colleague.

This is part of my artists residency at the Scottish Police – it is a pilot project funded by Creative Scotland





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