First GP surgery

We did two sessions at Partick Surgery testing the Acknowledgment Booth. Working in partnership with Dr Nadeem Bhatti, we asked the patients in the waiting room to nominate someone in their life, and also say what they themselves deserve a medal for?  Dr Bhatti awarded the medals. We wanted to see if the booth would work in a GP setting. Pilot GP sessions have been generously by NHS Glasgow City CHP – NW Sector.

After some resistance to the idea that they might deserve a medal, people enjoyed themselves. Lots of smiles as they left the surgery. Everybody who was approached wanted to take part, except for a couple of people who felt too unwell. Our presence in the small waiting area did encourage people to engage with each other more – waiting rooms are places where people know they have time to fill and they were generally happy for the diversion. Some people had language or reading barriers, so assistance was important.

Volunteer Miche assisting a patient in the waiting area.


A boy called JJ asked if he could nominate someone. He wanted to nominate Dr Bhatti for a medal, who had helped him with various illnesses. As JJ was just accompanying his mum on this occasion, we knocked on Dr Bhatti’s door between patients so that JJ could award the medal.





The qualities he chose to acknowledge Dr Bhatti for were: Caring, Fun, Compassion, Empathy, Helpfulness, Kindness and Patience.

In fact Dr Bhatti was nominated by a patient at both sessions!

This is what he said after the first session:

dr bhatti from kathyfriend on Vimeo.

FOR MORE DETAIL ABOUT THE BOOTH : Background research and booth concept


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  1. Nadeem says:

    Dear Kathy
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    Definitely a good idea and very nice to be involved in the process

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